As recently as a decade ago, Las Vegas was best known for its casinos and luxury hotels—but the city has since transformed into a hip destination with a serious food and drink scene. The craft beer movement has had some catching up to do in Sin City, but local brewers are making up for lost time with hoppy IPAs and specialty stouts.  Saints & Sinners Vegas Crawl helps you explore some of the  best craft beer locations in Las Vegas

You’ll walk away from this tour with more than a buzz ? – you’ll walk away with a deeper appreciation for the culture of craft beer.  You’ll hear stories about how Las Vegas has become one of the biggest craft beer meccas in the country and how brewers are pushing the boundaries of taste, style, and what it means “beer” can be.

We hope you will enjoy this tour where you will find the best craft beer in Las Vegas. This city is a great place to try unique beers from all over the country.